About Us

About Us

Mom’s Place 4 Grace

Hello and welcome to Mom’s Place 4 Grace. If you are here it is likely for a simple reason; you have a child with special needs. I learned quickly on this journey that parenting a child with special needs is not only exhausting but oftentimes lonely. Many of my friends and family members have no real understanding of the struggles I go through daily or why simple choices can often be difficult.

That said, I also realized there are many people out there who feel exactly the same way I do. As I struggled to balance being a single working mom with addressing my son’s needs and taking care of myself, self-care was often a casualty. Thanks to a good friend, I came to understand that self-care is not selfish but really a form of self-preservation and even more, a form of self-love.

As moms, if we do not take care of ourselves – body, heart, mind, and spirit – we will eventually be unable to take care of the children who so desperately need our attention. Mom sometimes needs to rest!! We also need to see and find the positives along our journey to give us the encouragement and the fuel to keep going forward.

It is my hope that my journey of being a mom to a young boy with some interesting challenges will inspire you and encourage you to be the best mom you can be but also know and understand when you need to give yourself a little bit of grace.

Here, at Mom’s Place 4 Grace, I hope to give you a place to go when you are feeling discouraged. I hope it to be a place where you can find a chance to grow, renew and replenish. I want you to feel accepted, wherever you are in your journey and I hope that my stories give you a sense of clarity about your own situation and that I am able to convey to you the empathy I feel in my heart for all those who are walking this journey. So sit back, kick off your shoes and get comfortable. Come on in and sit a spell. Take some time for YOU!!!