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Conceived by the author of the Mom's Choice Gold Award winning book of the same name, Mom's Place 4 Grace invites you to follow Barbara on her journey as a parent where she will encourage you to be the best you can be not just as a parent but also as a person.

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Mom’s Place 4 Grace

Hello and welcome to Mom’s Place 4 Grace. If you are here it is likely for a simple reason; you have a child with special needs. I learned quickly on this journey that parenting a child with special needs is not only exhausting but oftentimes lonely. Many of my friends and family members have no real understanding of the struggles I go through daily or why simple choices can often be difficult.

That said, I also realized there are many people out there who feel exactly the same way I do. As I struggled to balance being a single working mom with addressing my son’s needs and taking care of myself, self-care was often a casualty. Thanks to a good friend, I came to understand that self-care is not selfish but really a form of self-preservation and even more, a form of self-love.

Mom’s Place 4 Grace

  • you will learn strategies which will help you grow as a person.
  • you will find examples of self-care activities which will renew your body, mind and spirit
  • you will be accepted for who you are and where you are in your journey as a parent and as a person
  • you will find clarity and vision; a chance to look at things from a fresh perspective
  • you will feel empathy and gain the valuable knowledge that you are not alone!!!


Celebrating Grace-filled Moments

Why Choose Us

Discover Now why moms
love what Moms Place 4 Grace has to offer


No matter what direction your journey takes you, you will learn that you are not alone!


There will always be a story to warm your heart and lift your soul, encouraging you to keep going


Armed with the knowledge that you are the best Mom you can be at this exact moment in time, you will be encouraged to be even better by putting self-care at the top of the list!


Take a look at your situation through a different lens and find new opportunities for growth.

Mom’s Place 4 Grace


Jennifer Simmons

Written like a cozy chat over a cuppa, the author urges moms of special needs children to keep rolling through the challenges, rejoice in the triumphs, and develop a village to support both child and parent. While Vorel writes as a single Christian mother, the wisdom, anecdotes, and suggestions are accessible to moms and dads from all kinds of families and faiths, with thoughtful reflection prompts for each chapter. Recommended for friends and family who want to be supportive, but aren't sure how, and would be a perfect gift to a mom in the trenches- just include a gift certificate for a massage and a babysitting coupon!

Nicole D.

Much praise for "Mom's Place 4 Grace" and to Barbara for being brave enough to put her stories out there to share in the hopes that others will not feel so alone navigating life as a special needs parent. As the Momma of 2 young boys on the Autism Spectrum, I can admit to just how lonely navigating this world can be. Not everyone can understand how hard this can be and I applaud Barbara for speaking a truth that will be able to help so many out there who are trying to balance putting their child first but also remembering to take care of their own self too. A beautiful reminder that even in the hardest of days, you are not alone - and while no one's journey is the same, there's comfort in knowing someone out there can understand

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